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A Place to Heal & Remember

The Ignite Sessions were created to empower freedom for you and humanity.
To help you end your internal battles, and bring peace to the world inside of you.

Powerful tools to support your mind, body and spirit

Mental Wellness

Remember all those times you felt sad, angry, lonely and even misunderstood? Times when you might have felt helpless because your emotions were just too overwhelming.

What would it feel like if you had the tools and know how to immediately help yourself to feel better? 

That’s why we created The Ignite Sessions to show you how.


What if the freedom you want for the world was deeply connected the freedom you feel in your spirit?

Want to know how it feels to be deeply free and do something good for the world?

Learn to harness the power of your own intuition and imagination to change what no longer works, and dream a new world into reality, for yourself and humanity.


Have you ever found yourself in the company of people you love and still felt felt lonely?

This is because deep down, many of us want to feel see, heard, felt and understood for exactly as we are. We long to be witnessed and celebrated for what makes us unique.  

What if there was a community of others who felt the same way? You belong here. 

What you can expect

Weekly live Ignite Sessions & a private community to support your freedom

Learn powerful mind/body tools for self-care, self-healing and emotional self-regulation inside a private, caring and like minded global community.


Learn to decode the language of your body’s experience of pain & discover the deeper messages your life wants you to know. 


Release resistances that keep you feeling stuck & gain the clarity to confidently move towards your goals. 


Understand how your pain is related to your life’s purpose & learn how to change repetitive patterns in your life and relationships.


Experience the powerful phenomenon referred to as Borrowed Benefits when with doing work with others in community.


Experience emotional freedom as you learn new ways to release old emotions such as fear, grief, sadness, anger, resentment, and unworthiness.


Make peace with your past by letting go of the pain and transforming your wounds into wisdom.


Learn to develop resilience through cultivating compassion, acceptance and trust in yourself.


Understand how your pain is related to your life’s purpose & learn how to change repetitive patterns in your life and relationships.


Identify ancestral traumas that are impacting your life & bring healing and resolution to set yourself and future generations free.


What people say about us
  • 11
    Suzannah, Bay Area, California

    I am so grateful to have found Pramlida and to be working with her. As someone who has been in therapy for many years, I can say that I am seeing profound changes in myself in a short period of time. The work we do is potent and sacred. She is warm and welcoming and makes me feel comfortable, safe and seen. Also, we laugh a lot! Even when it’s tough stuff we’re working through. Which I love. The process of working together is collaborative and creative and it regularly blows my mind. Our work together has given me so much hope for healing and for growth, not only for myself but for all of humankind. 

  • 11
    Leanne Alman, Oakland, California
    The ignite sessions have transformed my life. As a business owner, spiritual seeker, and someone with a desire to serve humanity, the Ignite Sessions have seamlessly, supported all these aspects of my life. Since I began attending weekly, I found and clarified and my life’s purpose and got in action. I am now feeling the joy and fulfillment of embodying my true calling. I’ve overcome limiting beliefs about my worth which has allowed me to serve humanity while letting the universe support me in return! I no longer sacrifice my well-being to care for others. I see that we can all get what we need. 
  • 11
    Stacie Whitney, Scotland

    “​I used to get bogged down, overwhelmed, and basically knocked over by learning technology, and also by my children’s health issues. I’m now set up with a business model that I can repeat and expand. Working with Pramilda is like being guided on a trust walk through the woods at night. Without her I felt lost and lonely. With her guidance, I feel safe, supported, and now know which way I’m going.”

  • 11
    Cristy Neunson, New Jersey

    “I discovered why I am pulled to help other women and realize that I have a passion for making others realize everyone is a unique individual. This was a big a ha for me as I have been put into a box most of my life feeling like an outcast or misfit. Pramilda has a gift for bringing out information from people that they never would have put together or thought of communicating otherwise.”

  • 11
    Els De Schaepmeester, Belgium

    Life changing! I feel that I would have stayed hidden behind the curtain, never making it to the ‘stage’. Working with Pramilda is like visiting Harrod’s in London, they have every quality item on the planet there. To find such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in one person is exceptional. Business advice, emotional skills, spirituality, she has it all and blends it into the perfect cocktail and teaches it so well.

  • 11
    Joanna B, England

    Before, I was running from life, from myself and desperate to be saved. I am no longer running because I have finally learned to save myself! I have left behind a chronic, debilitating illness, pain that has crippled me and seemed untouchable by drugs and also food sensitivities that restricted my enjoyment of food and life! There is no end to the possibilities and places you can go with Pramilda’s intuitive guidance.

  • 11
    Sarah Boyce, Washington

    “I had a major epiphany at the end of just our first session. I was able to shake away the doubts crowding into my head and slow down for the first time in my adult life. Pramilda has a lot to offer in terms of guiding folks who feel like they’re wandering around, lost for their ultimate purpose.”

  • 11
    Zita H. Vasilisinova, New York

    “I really think Pramilda is worth every penny! She doesn’t just say pretty things or teach you success formulas, she does the real work that helps you connect the dots of your life that have led to to this moment. I have such a clarity now. My life makes sense, my struggles makes sense. I feel stronger and more confident about myself and about what am I to do in the world.”

  • 11
    Gordana Jakopcevic, Toronto

    “Pramilda has this amazing ability to really go deep, connect the dots and help you find your true WHY. She helps you see how everything that has happened to you is connected and how to use that to propel you forward in any area of your life. She is a very gentle soul. I truly felt heard and was completely comfortable in her presence and let go of fears and resistance that had been holding me back.”

  • 11
    Reid Allen, Englewood, Colorado

    I have healed parts of my soul that weren’t able to be healed by everything else I’d tried. And I’ve tried most healing modalities. I have been in therapy most of my life and value self development very much. Working with Pramilda is like working with the warmth of a caretaker, the tenderness of a friend, the wisdom of a sage and the magic touch of a medicine woman. She has guided me to waters I never dreamed I could swim. I have taken on bigger challenges and risks. I have made more lofty goals and reached them. I have healed trauma that I previously thought impossible. I have become a version of myself I am truly proud of. 

  • 11
    Monicka Clio Sakki, Israel

    Pramilda is a rare combination of a straightforward personality, coupled with strong intuition and focused business sense. Her intuition is the magic ingredient here. It’s very powerful and she knows how to use it. She senses the energetic presence of things.

  • 11
    Linda Stephens, Chicago

    Lucky for me, I decided to trust that little niggling of intuition deep within me and decided to work with Pramilda. I think the greatest gift Pramilda offered me is an understanding of my purpose & the deeper “why” of my purpose. WHY I am drawn to certain things and how I am uniquely prepared to contribute in this area. For me, this was HUGE and truly connected some dots that had been floating around me for many years.

  • 11
    Amy Alman, Oakland, California

    Being involved in the Ignite Sessions and having that regular practice and community has given me healing and freedom in ways that I never knew was possible, and didn’t even know I needed. I have found incredible clarity around the things that block me from living the life that I want, and also tools and support to make real changes to push through those barriers. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking for clarity, growth, healing, and radical changes in their lives to work with Pramilda!

  • 11
    Barbara Aleks, Toronto

    I finally understand why I do what I do and why I need to do what I do. I wish I could afford to have Pramilda on retainer and help me with every issue that arises.

  • 11
    Anne Hayman, Detroit

    “I finally understand why I sabotage myself in my life and business. I feel called very strongly to be of service, yet everything I have tried in the past always ends up feeling super overwhelming, and I end up walking away from it feeling like a HUGE failure. Within a few hours, Pramilda helped me weed through 40 years worth of stuff to get to the root of what was holding me back in life, business and even my relationships. Things I hadn’t figured out in years of therapy and self-help work.”

  • 11
    Elisabeth Griffioen, Netherlands

    “It felt like a door opened to a place from where to look at me and my life that made total sense, instead of the mess it had always seemed. I felt, enlightened, comforted, relieved. I am finally visible, no longer hiding and speaking my truth, knowing that it is worth speaking and that people can benefit from it is wildly exciting and so much easier than I thought. I am doing interviews for magazines and also have a call with a publisher about writing a book that is much needed.”

  • 11
    Amy Alman, Oakland, California

    Working with Pramilda has been such a powerful support in my life.The changes that I have seen in myself, my life, and my healing are astounding. Pramilda’s variety of skills and training, and her natural intuitive sense never ceases to amaze me, and has created deep healing for me in so many areas of my life. I am a different person from the breakthroughs I have found from working with Pramilda, and I highly encourage anyone wanting to level up in their lives to work with her!

  • 11
    Leanne Alman, Oakland, California

    Working with Pramilda over the last 2 years has been a monumental gift. I have tried numerous avenues for healing over 15 years. Pramilda actually helped me integrate everything I learned in these other pracices so I could fully live out the healing I had already received. In addition, she has helped me take my healing and personal growth to unprecedented levels. I did not know this level of growth and healing was possible but I hope everyone who wants to heal seizes the opportunity to work with Pramilda! 


Being rooted in knowing who we are and what we stand for, can be our strength in turbulent times.

We believe in the power of a united humanity

We are powerful beyond anything we can imagine, and even more powerful when we stand together. We have the power to see beyond the distractions and divisive storylines that would have us turning on each other. This is part of our collective purpose and what we are here to remember.


Perspective is everything

We believe a shift in perspective in how we view a situation, ourselves and issues in the world can offer us a new view of possible solutions and choices. When we are able to shift and release painful emotions, we are able to act from a place of peace and clarity.


Radical Self-Responsibility

We believe in taking radical self-responsibility at the level of mind, body and spirit for everything that we experience in “our world”.  If we perceive it as a problem “out there,” we understand with a sense of deep humility that there is an opportunity for us to go deeper inside of ourselves and discover our role in this creation.  


Acceptance of self and others

We are here to learn unconditional acceptance of ourselves and others. A pre-requisite to acceptance is for us to first become aware of our internally and externally directed judgments, observe them, learn from them and ultimately come to a place of peace.


Love is the answer

Love is the answer to every prayer. Love for ourselves, love for the other, love for the world. When we can love ourselves deeply, our capacity to love the other and the world comes naturally. Any resistance to love we experience is an invitation for us to be curious and discover love’s call inside of ourselves. 


The outside world of our reality is a mirror

What if the world we experience as our external reality is a powerful mirror of our inner world? If so, we no longer need to feel powerless against external forces that appear to be beyond our control. We already have the power to create a new reality moment to moment, by learning to better manage our inner world of thoughts, feelings and emotions and the beliefs that directly co-create the world we experience. 


Compassion for the world and ourselves

Our world is deeply in need of compassion, and the only way to create a compassionate world is to first start with cultivating it for ourselves.  We begin by feeling compassion for our own mistakes, failures and suffering, and practice being able to be a witness ourselves without judgment . As we learn how to do this, we expand in our capacity of a sense of “inner spaciousness” are able to naturally and easily able to share this space and our compassion with others. 


Forgivness Medicine

We believe that the ultimate forgiveness is self-forgiveness. For many of us the person or situation that hurt us are long over. What we carry within ourselves is the memory and the story that we keep replaying over and over which keeps us stuck. Oftentimes, parts of us fall into self blame, and self forgiveness allows us to free ourselves from the past. 

In our broadcasts we use a variation of a Hawaiian prayer for self-forgiveness: “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.” We use these words with the intention of freeing ourselves from the burdens of the past and freeing the parts of us that have been carrying these memories.


We are here to remember

All of this we already know at the level of our soul. Perhaps we are simply on a journey of remembering.

"Our world was created to make us forget. Together we can remember who we are and why we chose to be there on this planet during this time of great awakening."


Help us spread our message of unity and freedom. Join us as we connect the world in solidarity and awaken the heart of humanity.


Every hand is needed. Every voice longs to be heard. Share your gifts and help us ignite healing and remembrance on our planet.


Learn powerful ways to heal your mind, body and spirit.  Discover your gifts and your unique purpose. Join our Ignite community!